TOPBENCH, Version 0.38.h – The full tool with CUI interface and database.
Machine database (most current). Grab this if you want to be 100% up to date in terms of systems to compare against. And, here’s the same database in a more convenient spreadsheet format, if you want to perform your own analysis.
pkunzip.exe, Version 2.04g – In case you don’t have it handy in DOS.

Other files:

TOPBENCH source code at GitHub. Grab the source if you think you can stomach Pascal and Assembler code in a git repository. For complete compilation, you will probably also need the contents of the UNITS repo.
TOPBSTUB, Version 0.97c – The benchmarking and profiling stub you can run on any PC with 128K RAM or more. The stub outputs its data to a file that you can input into the main TOPBENCH database. ONLY RUN THIS IF YOU HAVE BEEN DIRECTED TO DO SO.

There are downloads for other benchmarks in Other Benchmarks.

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