Initial database seed now available

After resuming coding, I’ve gotten as far as datastructure handling, a method of comparing systems against each other that is reliable, and data/file handling routines.  I had forgotten how it is simultaneously fun and irritating to have to code every single thing yourself.  Need to manage an in-memory database?  Brush up on your balanced binary tree knowledge from college.  Need to manipulate .INI files or export to .CSV?  Guess what, you’re writing all that drudgery yourself.  Ugh.

In any case, I’ve got a console/text-only utility that can do all of the above, so I was able to import all 80+ contributed system entries into a single database, and it’s available on the Downloads page.

The next major chunks for me to write are the realtime benchmark/display portion and the ability to delete and edit systems in the database.  After that’s done, all it needs is a halfway-decent interface, but that comes last.

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