TOPBENCH – A tool for PC retrogaming and retrocomputing enthusiasts

TOPBENCH (an abbreviation for The Oldskool PC Benchmark) is a DOS benchmarking and profiling utility designed to help the vintage PC gaming enthusiast find the best machine speed for a particular game, whether running in an emulator or on real vintage hardware. Because it performs short measurements continuously, it is also ideal for “dialing” the speed of your favorite emulator (such as DOSBox) in realtime to more accurately match the speed of a particular system.

TOPBENCH works by profiling your system and recording a synthetic benchmark score into its database.  It then compares your system’s score to the other systems in the database, and shows you what systems are closest to yours.  It can also compare any two systems in the database against each other, to illustrate the speed difference between them.  This database, coupled with published source code, can help emulator authors check their emulation against data collected from the real hardware itself.

Head over to the Downloads page to grab it, add some of your vintage systems, and run the realtime benchmarking part in DOSBOX and adjust DOSBOX’s speed while doing so. Please send me (trixter _ at _ all problems you encounter, and any suggestions you may have.